264613_10151085786018396_17473576_n (2)     Well I am the cook in the picture and the cook of this blog. I must admit  a little bit of illusion here. My grandaughter with me in this picture is now 12 years old. But no matter. I am still the same age, and still cooking, I can assure you.

When she was this little, my grandaughter G. would eye those chili peppers on my apron and try as hard as she could to pick them off  of the fabric.

When my grown up daughters are coming to visit, or I am going to visit them..one of the first things we have to discuss in advance is  “what are we going to make for dinner?” Sitting around the table with delicious home-prepared food is what we all grew up with, altho in today’s fast-paced world, that does not always happen with young busy families and demanding work schedules. I am trying hard to hold on to that tradition when we are together.

One of my daughters loves to cook and one of them does not. The cooking daughter is very adventurous and prepares wonderfully exotic fare. The daughter who is not overly fond of cooking is however an amazing baker of fun things and awesome designer cakes, for which she is famous.

In my family of origin, my mother always said she hated cooking, but she turned out amazing meals and recipes that she learned from her mother while growing up in NYC in  multi-cultural neighborhoods. So we had Sunday dinners of traditional Italian Spaghetti and Meatballs, German Kapusta (sourkraut soup with pork), Polish Pierogies , Jewish Latkes (potato pancakes with sour crea) and lots of things with shrimp, because my mother loved shrimp.

One of the secrets to our family’s love of  Sensuous Cooking was/ is the lavish but discerning use of flavourful herbs and spices. And what I have added to this tradition, is the use of herbs for good medicinal cooking as well.

There will be more on this page as we go along. But for now, Take Delight in Creating Good Meals…

(and don’f forget to say Grace or Thank You for whatever bounty is on your table…)

~from Christine, the Greening Spirit


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