“Sensuous” Soups and Suppers are about flavor that delight our taste buds   i.e. culinary herbs and spices either dried or fresh that totally tempt us to slow down and savor our food. “In the Greening Spirit Way” is about the healing herbs and spices that can also be included in our recipes to enhance our wellness and keep us strong and sturdy. Below will be an alphabetical compilation of the herbs and spices I regularly use in my recipes, a little about them, how and where to buy them and how to use them. I will add them as I go along depending on the posted recipes.

*(At this time, I am still “building” this page. Check back periodically)


  • Astragalus (healing)
  • Basil (culinary)
  • Cayenne powder (culinary/healing)
  • Cinnamon (culinary/healing)
  • Curry Powder (culinary/healing)
  • Codonoposis (healing)
  • Siberian Ginseng (healing)
  • Sweet Marjoram (culinary)
  • Turmeric (healing/culinary)

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