It is my intention for this blog to be the recipe container for the the delicious meals that I have developed for scrumptious, healthy and creative nourishment for body and soul in the Greening Spirit way.

Corn chowder

This means using fresh ingredients,  and mostly cooking from scratch but with the aid of some prepared of canned help at times.

This means using herbs and spices for flavour  AND  for medicine (  “medicine” as in what keeps us healthy, sturdy and strong rather than what fixes us after we get sick or break down).

The Greening Spirit “way”, for me, is colorful, fun, Whole/Holy, sensuous (teasing and satisfying the senses: seeing, smelling, tasting, touching) and TEMPTING one to truly experience the art of savoring and pleasure while eating.

This is food to linger with, ponder over, dine with. No wolfing down mindlessly on the run and calling it a meal, , altho not a whole lot of time is spent in preparation for the most part. I must admit, however, that when I am in cooking mode, it often becomes a meditation for me, calling up my full and leisurely attention to the act of creating a kind of culinary art in a bowl and for the tongue.

I cook to music. The kind of music depends on what I am cooking. I don’t like noise and dissonance and bad music, and so therefore I don’t like bad and offensive cooking either. For me, they kind of go together. Sometimes I dance around the kitchen or pot to that backround music while I stir and conjure up some kind of irresistible magic at the stove.

I take pictures everywhere of all parts of my life and environment. Therefore, I always have my camera on the table behind me in the kitchen. Everything that is beautiful, or can be seen with an eye for beauty is photo-worthy to me. I love to photograph nature and garden goodies as they grow, vegetables on the cutting board ready to co-create something wonderful with me, steam rising from the pot with colors swirling in the liquid beneath the vapors.

I am even captivated by the  cast-offs waiting for their dutiful dive into the compost pile.    IMG_4353

Besides recipes, there will also be posts on aspects of Sensuous Cooking  to TEMPT you also into The Greening Spirit Way in the spirit culinary curiosity, confident creativity and with hearty encouragement and permission to, yes, PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD!

**** This blog is an adjunct to my two other site: http://www.thegreeningspiritmysteryschool.com  AND http://www.thegreeningspirit.wordpress.com. (at  this time both of these..with wonderful articles and essays…are being re-organized…please feel free to investigate those and enjoy!

Christine, The Greening Spirit


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