Sensuous Snowfall Tea!



YES! Today was our first official snowfall, and white covers garden, yarden and woods around my house. In honor of the this first real sign of winter, I wrote an essay on my Greening Spirit blog entitled “Oh Whole-y White” in which I mentioned celebrating this day’s blanketing event with a special pot of herbal tea.

Usually on a day such as this, a warming tea of roots, ginger or spices would certainly be an option…but because it is so lovely outside and because I have a day now to do nothing but “drift” like the snow, I feel like celebrating both the white, and the wonderful promise of scent and color that lies waiting underneath for the next season of growth in about 4 months time. And so I sorted through by cache of herbal treasures, and put together my “Sensuous Snowfall Tea” for today:  a blend of organic milky oat tops, red rose petals, spearmint, a slim wedge of orange and honey.

A crystal teapot, a tablespoon each of these three herbs, cover with boiling water, filling pot, add orange wedge…steep..pour into cup, add honey to taste. Snowpost 2

I know it may be disturbing for me to not give specific directions..but really I never do it the same way twice, adjusting as necessary..I offer you a gentle nudge to be brave and adventurous, with a spirit of curiosity and creativity to experiment! tasting along the way.

***My Sensuous Snowfall Tea Ingredients and their Virtues are:

Milky Oat Tops (or Oatstraw):  A nervine, good for grounding and very nourishing.  Red Rose Petals: delicately delicious, for LOVE magic and openheartedness. Spearmint: Gentler, milder and slightly sweeter than peppermint, and full of good cheer, uplifiting. Orange: a slight (naughty) tang and vitamin C. Honey: an awesome treasure of sweetness from our little bee friends…

Now sip, put your feet up and read a good book! (I’m reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince)

With Love from the Cook, Christine (The Greening Spirit)

Check the post” “Oh Whole-y White” that goes with this tea on my Greening Spirit blog!

Snow pos


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